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  • Fort Lauderdale Educational Article of the Month - How to keep raccoons out of your house

How to keep raccoons out of your house

How to keep raccoons out of your house

If you have the Fort Lauderdale raccoons in the house, you have to start by learning how they have entered in the home in the first place and close that entry so that they do not come back. Give the house a thorough inspection and find out if there are areas where the raccoons can use to enter into your Florida home.

Even if it is not common, it is possible that the raccoons may be in a basement. As any other part of the house, the basement is the right place to live and it is enclosed and also protected against the elements. Even if the basement may be damp and cold, it can be dryer and warmer compared to the outside and this is especially during the night. If it is a mother of the young ones, she may be looking for the safe place where she can be able to raise the children safely. Even if it can be possible to set a trap within the basement, the best way is trapping outside of the entry hole.

Sometime the raccoons can live in the crawlspace under the Florida house. If the home has been elevated with the crawl space under it and if there is opening, this is the chance for the cats, rates and raccoons to enter into your house. To avoid this, you have to find the openings and to seal them.

If you have the Fort Lauderdale raccoon in the home or inside of the living space like the living room or in the kitchen, you have to know that the raccoons may not be that aggressive but at a certain level, they are also fearless and they can defend themselves when needed. There are many ways that you can have the raccoons to enter into your home. It can be through the pet door to avoid this; you have to make sure that you do not leave the pet food outside. You should also make sure that Florida raccoons cannot enter through the chimney or through the fireplace.

The raccoons can also enter through the chewing or the falling off the wall or of the ceiling. If the Florida raccoon is already in the home, you should not fight it and you should leave the door opened so that it can go outside on its own. You should not fight with it since it may lead to the injury. If you do not know what to do, you should call a Fort Lauderdale professional person. When you find the raccoons in your house, you have to know that there are two types of the raccoons in your home, there are these that want to turn your house in their home and there are these that are found there by just accident.

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